Want to See What You Missed Last Year?

15176284278_4fb6446922_k(1)This will be our 10th annual php[tek] conference.  What does that mean?  Well besides showing that the PHP community is strong and vibrant, it comes with a lot of great history.

Want to see what you missed last year to understand what you’ll get to experience at php[tek] 2015?  Check out some details from last year such as our Flickr stream, a YouTube playlist of talk recordings, as well as last year’s website:

Welcome to php[tek] 2015

teaseBigIt’s that time of year again!  No, I don’t mean the holiday season.  I mean it’s time for the php[tek] 2015 Call for Papers.  We have big plans this year to be the biggest best php[tek] ever.  In fact, last year we were already starting to bump elbows, so this year we are going to be setting an attendance max.  So you may want to go ahead and register early to make sure you get a ticket before we sell out!

If you’ve just found out about php[tek] and didn’t know about it in the past.  Welcome!  You may want to check out our About page to understand more about this unique conference, as well as take a look at last year’s conference website, to see more details about previous year’s schedules.


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