php[tek] 2023

May 16-18 – Chicago, IL

Welcome to php[tek] 2023 where we combine leadership, expertise, and networking in one event. A relaxing atmosphere for tech leaders and developers to share, learn and grow professionally while also providing you with the knowledge to solve your everyday problems. Join us on the journey to be excited about work again!


This was my first introduction to php[architect]’s conferences, and they’ve quickly become my favorites. A great balance of fun and education, structured and social. The organizers obviously care about the conference and the enjoyment of everyone who attends, and I can’t wait for the next one!

― Previous Attendee


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About php[tek]

We are the longest-running web developer conference in the United States that has a focus on the PHP programming language. The event is broken up into multiple days. The main conference happens over the course of 3 days (May 16-18) and includes keynotes, talks, and networking options. It will be broken into three tracks and will cover a range of topics.