WordPress Development from Front to Back

This full-day training class on May 24th will get you up to speed on creating backend additions to WordPress, using the Rest API, and how to do front-end development on the front end of WordPress using Project Gutenberg

WordPress powers a third of the web as well as some of the world’s strongest brands. Regardless of the scale at which you or your company operates, understanding and knowing how to work with WordPress is important.

Recently, WordPress has created a new block editing experience built using JavaScript; React and Redux specifically. This has been a significant and positive change for users, but the WordPress plugin ecosystem is still catching up. As a developer, understanding and creating on top of this new editor is key.

In this all-day workshop, we will be covering both front end and backend development for WordPress. The workshop will be split into five sessions:

  1. Overview of Backend WordPress Development
  2. Plugin Development
  3. Working with the Rest API
  4. Overview of Frontend WordPress Development
  5. How to Build a Gutenberg Block

This full-day class will run on Friday May 24th, the day after the main conference ends from 9am until 4pm, with included lunch & breaks.

A separate ticket is required for this training, which may be purchased independently, or with a conference ticket.

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